i love my PODsox, after a long shift at work my legs feel great ”
– Janet K, RN

“I wore my PODsox on a 20 mile bike ride and couldn’t believe how good they felt.”
– Sara N

“I wore PODsox on my flight and for the first time didn’t have swollen feet when we landed, PODsox are coming on all my trips”
– Brad K

“I’m on my feet a good portion of the day and I can honestly say my feet and legs are less sore wearing these great medical grade compression socks. Great for a good bike ride as well!”
– Aaron Zinser

“Great product from a great company! PODsox not only provides a fun and personally expressive option for a typically bland product, but they do it with professionalism and integrity. They are prompt and helpful when I order, and I also appreciate their interest in service to the community through medical trip donations of excess inventory.”
– Devon H.

“Wore them everyday last week in Moab. Had fresh legs every ride. And the envious looks were pretty cool too….”
– Jim A.

“Love my PODsox. My pair works amazing for trail running, standing and walking at work, and best of all relaxing at home at the end of a long day. They comfortably support without holding in heat so there’s minimal sweat, which out in the tropical weather is a must! The bonus is that they’re medical grade, feel great, and have such fun designs.”
– Wendi C.

“I love these socks! The tattoo sleeve and lace designs are my favorite. I have been wearing these socks for about 2 years and they have changed my life. Before, at the end of the day my legs would be swollen and achy, I couldn’t sleep sometimes because they hurt. Once I found PODsox I was able to be on my feet all day without the swelling and pain AND they are cute so they don’t make me feel like an old lady!

“I have had a couple of pairs of socks for about 2 years. I follow the washing instructions and they have kept their compression for the entire time. Which is amazing!! I caught my leg on a piece of metal rod and tore a small hole in one of my socks. I was upset that I ruined them. It has been about 6 months since that happened, and I have continued washing and wearing them once a week and so far the hole has not gotten bigger or run. I am impressed!”

I gave them 4 of 5 stars because I don’t like the athletic style as much as the traditional. They are thicker, more like regular socks, and I don’t like the designs as much. I see they have come out with a new calf sleeve and I am thinking about trying that out for cycling. Currently I have been wearing my traditional style for cycling and they are working just fine.”
– Brandi B.

“I’m an ER nurse and I’ve been wearing these compression socks for several years. They make my feet and legs feel great after long 12+ hour shifts. Plus they’re the cutest compression socks out there! Best part is it’s a family run business so you can feel good about supporting them. Love the product and the company!”
– Sarah D.