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Unicorn Compression socks with a side of Rainbows!

May your day be as beautiful as a unicorn farting rainbowsunicorns don’t lose sleep over little poniesbe a unicorn in a field of horses!  …Someone once told me I was delusional.  I nearly fell off of my unicorn! Being a human is too complicated. I think I’ll be a unicorn today...

May wearing PODsox Unicorn compression socks help you find your inner unicorn.  (no stabbing anyone with your horn!)  Or maybe just bring a smile to your face (and legs!) that lets you escape to a happy place on your coffee break.

We make all of our ultra soft, super duper comfy classic PODsox with eco-friendly , UV resistant, odor-eating coffee yarn.  All Classic PODsox provide 15-20 mmHg of graded compression.  They feel amazing for daily wear AND they meet FDA guidelines for post operative anti-embolism use.

Please measure the largest part of your calf  to ensure you get the proper fit for your unicorn compression socks! See Sizing chart below.  All PODsox are Unisex!

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Size Chart

Need more info on how to measure?  Click HERE

Still wondering about produce selection?  This PODsox blog article may help.

Ok:  Unicorn rant.  I really love socks.  And unicorns.  (and hey, why not throw in a few rainbows to boot?)  I also love unicorn quotes and memes.

Be yourself.  Unless you can be a unicorn.  Always be a unicorn….

Me to santa:  I want a Unicorn for Christmas

Santa:  Be realistic

Me:  Ok, I want a girlfriend

Santa:  What color would you like your unicorn?

Tee hee…should we go on?  We kinda think PODsox are unicorns in their own rite.  Soft, comfortable, eco-friendly and fun!  They are the whole package!  And our soxperts here at PODsox love to help out with any questions you may have about fit, product selection etc.  Fastest way to hear back from us is usually via email:  info@pod-sox.com


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