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Travel Compression Socks!  (Don’t worry–you can wear them any day, not just travel days!)

Suitcases on socks that love to be in suitcases?  (when they’re not on your legs, that is).  So. Dang. Literal.  Not only are these socks FABULOUS for travel, they’re also great for daily wear.  And maybe, when you catch a glimpse of them under your work trousers you’ll let yourself daydream a little about where you and your PODsox might go next.  Today the boardroom, tomorrow the moon!  (or Vegas….there’s more frequent flights to Vegas….)

All of our ultra soft, super duper comfy classic PODsox are made with eco-friendly , UV resistant, odor-eating coffee yarn.  All Classic PODsox provide 15-20 mmHg of graded compression.  They feel amazing for daily wear AND they meet FDA guidelines for post operative anti-embolism use.

Please measure the largest part of your calf  to ensure you get the proper fit! See Sizing chart below, all PODsox are Unisex!

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Size Chart

Need more info on how to measure?  Click Here

Why do nurses and travelers (and especially that amazing combination of travel+nurse=travel nurses!) love PODsox compression socks?  Because they KNOW the value of the gentle, graded support that PODsox provide.  Whether you are standing for a killer long shift, sitting behind the wheel for a cross country trip or packed into an airplane seat, PODsox help prevent leg swelling and leg fatigue.  Any time you are participating in extended activity, your vascular system can use a little extra support to get blood out of your feet, ankles and calves.  PODsox compression socks cost WAY less than a blood clot and are WAY cuter than varicose veins!

Still have more questions?  Feel free to call on our soxpertise!  Fastest way to hear back from us is usually via email.

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