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Sloth compression socks

PODsox sloth compression socks.  Is it just me or does everyone dream about snuggling a sloth?  Or being snuggled by one?  Maybe your dream could start here.  These lovable little dudes will hang out and hug your legs all day!

Just like all of our ultra soft, super duper comfy classic PODsox, sloth compression socks are made with eco-friendly , UV resistant, odor-eating coffee yarn.  All Classic PODsox provide 15-20 mmHg of graded compression.  They also feel amazing for daily wear AND they meet FDA guidelines for post operative anti-embolism use.

Please measure the largest part of your calf  to ensure you get the proper fit! See Sizing chart below, all PODsox are Unisex!

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Size Chart

Need more info on how to measure?  Click Here

Fun facts about sloths:

-Sloths don’t fart.  Their gut moves so slowly that their digestive system reabsorbs any gases and they breathe them out.  They literally have fart breath!

-Sloths have an extra vertebra at the base of their neck which allows them to swivel their heads 270 degrees.  Super helpful if you want to look around without having to move.  AND since these little guys are the slowest moving animal on the planet (their top land speed is about 1 foot per minute), why would you move any more than necessary?!

-It can take up to 30 days for a single leaf to digest

-Sloth organs are suspended from their ribcage.  This allows them to hang around upside down all day without their organs putting pressure on their lungs.

Want to learn more about sloths?  We found this and other info on sloths at the World Animal Protection site

We’re not actually sloth experts, but we’re pretty good about sloth compression sock info.  Best way to tap into our soxpertise is to email us at  We’ll plan to respond a little faster than our sloth friends…


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