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Colorado Compression Socks

Colorado Compression Socks.  We are kind of freaks about loving this awesome state where we live. So, Colorado, this is our POD Sox homage!

All of our ultra soft, super duper comfy classic PODsox are made with eco-friendly , UV resistant, odor-eating coffee yarn.  All Classic PODsox provide 15-20 mmHg of graded compression.  They feel amazing for daily wear AND they meet FDA guidelines for post operative anti-embolism use.

Please measure the largest part of your calf  to ensure you get the proper fit! See Sizing chart below, all PODsox are Unisex!

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Size Chart

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Did you know that you are more likely to need PODsox compression socks when you visit Colorado?  Or anywhere at altitude.  (Including air travel, as airplane cabin pressure is generally set to 8,000 ft or so).

Wanna know why?  Basically you can think of the earth’s atmosphere in blocks.  Picture if you could cut out big, 3-dimensional blocks from the sky.  If you are standing at sea level, you might be able to fit 10 of these blocks between where you’re standing and the earth’s atmosphere.

Now zoom to Colorado.  Imagine you’re standing on a ski hill at 10,000 feet elevation.  Now, there are only 5 of these giant blocks of air between you and earth’s atmosphere.  We don’t often think about it, but air actually has weight.  So, the more ‘air blocks’ you have above you, the more pressure the air exerts on you from all sides.

What this means for leg swelling:  If your body is used to pushing back against the pressure of 10 blocks of air at sea level and you travel to high altitude where there is less pressure, you will have increased pressure inside of you compared to the pressure around you.  The result?  Swelling!  Swelling, specifically in your legs can be trigger for getting blood clots.

PODsox are comfortable, fun insurance against all of this atmospheric mayhem!  AND you can bring them back as a souvenir of your trip to one of the most amazing places on earth.  Its a win-win all around!

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