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Bikes 2.0 PODsox Compression Socks

Compression socks for biking (and nurses…and travel…and whatever else you may be up to!) …with bikes on them?  Whaaat?  The universe may just implode… (note:  universe implosion may not be covered by PODsox’s 365 day guarantee…we have not tested in this environment…but we HAVE tested PODsox on hundreds of bike rides!!!)

All of our ultra soft, super duper comfy classic PODsox compression socks are made with eco-friendly , UV resistant, odor-eating coffee yarn.  All Classic PODsox compression socks provide 15-20 mmHg of graded compression.  They feel amazing for daily wear AND they meet FDA guidelines for post operative anti-embolism use.

Please measure the largest part of your calf  to ensure you get the proper fit! See Sizing chart below, all PODsox are Unisex!

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Size Chart

Need more info on how to measure?  Click Here

Just in case you think we’re full of it, check out this article from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning about the effect of graded compression socks in post marathon recovery.  Believe it or not, the research shows that these simple, comfortable (and cute, might we add?!) socks help you feel better and recover faster!

Our goal here at PODsox was to find the sweet spot of clinical effectiveness, comfort and FUN!

Yes, we’re in the business of socks, but really, we’re in the business of people.  We love to make our customers feel better and lead happier lives.  Not that we’re life coaches or anything, but wearing PODsox is a simple step you can make to take care of yourself.  We think that fun in life starts with the little things–like your legs feeling great and a fun style on your legs to make you smile.

And since we made PODsox Bike compression socks fun and eco friendly (not to mention the free shipping!) its kind of a no brainer!  Especially since PODsox has 365 day guarantee!  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

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