Top Gifts for Nurses, Christmas 2019

It has begun…

The thing I say every year that I’m going to start during the after-Christmas sales last year.  And holy crap!  How is it November already?

I also have to admit that I’m really excited about Christmas this year.  We have decided for the foreseeable future to stay home for Christmas.  After too many mad dashes to the airport in a snowstorm, having every single person in the family (both immediate and extended family!) that our new ‘tradition’ might be to just stay home for Christmas.  We love our extended family, but there are so many other great, lower stress (and less expensive!) times to visit them!

I happen to have a LOT of nurses in my life.

(who mostly have to work Christmas anyway, because apparently they don’t close hospitals for the holidays…weird…)   A lot of nurses. My brother and sister:  both nurses.  My husband, his sister, mother and dad.  All nurses.  His uncle and aunt.  Also nurses.  My cousin:  Also a nurse.  Aaaand about half of my friends.  I’d love to say I’m getting everything on this list for each of them, but I gotta be honest–most of them are only getting the #1 gift choice.  Cause this gift is both fun and functional.  I love to  give a gift that they can use to support for work and play, travel and leisure.  (aren’t you dying to know what were going to say?  Ha!)

5.  Massage.

I’m pretty convinced that the world would be a better place if we all got massages more often.  Nurses are by nature care givers.  This care giver nature often leads them to put themselves last when it comes to self care.  They are always using their wisdom and touch to calm and heal patients.  Get the nurse in your life something to ‘fill their cup back up’. (And hey–if you’re broke, a cute homemade coupon for a shoulder rub from you might be even better than something pricier!)  We thought the Spafinder site was super helpful if you’re not close enough to know masseuses in the area of your favorite nurse.  

4.  A new lunchbox. 

There are sooooo many super cute ones out there.  If the nurse in your life loves ‘nursey’ things, check out this Etsy link. So many fun options to choose from!  And if the nurse in your life is anything like the ones we know, the lunchbox from last year probably got left in the car a few too many times.  The strange grime she can’t get out of the seams just needs to go.  Getting her a fun new lunchbox might be just the thing to start off the new year packing all sorts of tasty, healthy lunches to fuel her crazy long shift AND keep any New Years Resolutions she may have made.

3.  Coffee. 

We all know that nurses get up before the rest of us, work when the rest of us are sleeping and get off work long after ‘normal’ people have gone home.  You know how they can do this?  Coffee. ‘Cause a glass of wine isn’t legal on the clock.  Our top pics would be a gift cert to whatever coffee shop is on her way to work, along with a Yeti mug (these things are AMAZING for keeping coffee hot hours into a shift!).  Your nurse-giftee prefers to brew his own cup of Joe?  Check out this coffee subscription from Spinn Market.  You can take a quiz to determine the roast and region as well as other details to ensure that the coffee fits their own definition of perfection.  

2.  A bottle of wine. 

Move over coffee, we’re off the clock.  Its time for alcohol now.  If you’re headed to a party at a nurse’s house, may we suggest checking out this New York Times list of ‘great wines under $20’? If you’re not as concerned about the pricetag because it is a personal gift, this article from RealSimple magazine on wine buying had some pretty great suggestions. 

1. PODsox compression socks for nurses.

Nurses are on their feet all. day. long.  While they are kicking butt and saving lives, their legs are often the last thing they take care of at work and the first thing they want to lay down and put up when they get home.  PODsox provide gentle, effective support to get nurses through their entire 12 hours of being on the go.  With dozens of designs from mild to wild, there is sure to be a pair (or a dozen pair!) that will light up your nurse’s face.

And when we say ‘your nurse’, we mean your best friend, your husband, your daughter, the nurse that took care of your cousin–all of them!  Other bonuses:  PODsox are small, light and travel well.  Buy a pair for you on your way home to see your brother (who just may or may not be a nurse!).    PODsox fit great in stockings and carry on bags.

Maybe you want to give a gift that keeps giving?  Check out our PODsox of the month club!  Fresh, fun, new designs every month. The first month is only $1 (which goes to Colorado Childrens’ Hospital!).  Your nurse will thank you all year long!

So there you have it.  Our top gifts for nurses for Christmas 2019.  Or Hanukkah.  Or Kwanzaa.  Or pretty much any time you want to give a gift to show someone some love.  Since PODsox give your legs little hugs all day, we like to think of it as a way for you to hug YOUR person all day.

All of that said, as always, remember that holidays are more about people than things.  We love to support people and we love to get PODsox on your legs, but we also want to encourage you to savor every moment.  Savor the hot chocolate.  Savor cleaning it up with your kiddow when it gets spilled.  Savor toasting your toes by the fireplace…or the space heater and sneaking a few precious minutes to catch up with your best friend.  Whatever your ‘happy place’ is, let PODsox support you while you go there!