If you are a nurse, you are busy – and we are here to help you out! Whether you are busy on your unit caring for your patients or your kiddos have a marathon trick-or-treat route planned, Pod-Sox has you covered. Here are six easy costumes for busy nurses and happy legs.

Seeking A Sole Mate

 Medical Compression Socks Pod Sox Three Sox

Seeking Sole Mates

Items Needed:

  • Cardboard box
  • Black Sharpie
  • White Paint
  • At least 2 pairs of Pod-Sox

Instructions: Paint the box white, use the sharpie to draw the front door and dials.  Cut arm and head holes.  Wear mis-matched Pod-Sox and roll up your pant legs.  Walk around and ask people if they are your missing sole-mate. Ladies – feel free to tie another mismatched sock around your pony-tail.

This costume is great if you are trying to meet new people.  It is also annoyingly appropriate if you are the local launderer and constantly losing socks.


Items Needed:

  • Name Tag
  • Animal Print Pod-Sox
  • Butterfly net (optional)
  • Safari hat (optional)

Instructions: attach your name tag to your shirt and roll up pant legs to show off your Pod-Sox.  We currently have Llamas, Penguins, Sloths, Unicorns, and Flying PigsZebra Striped calf sleeves are also a great option.  Or show off your classic style with one of our retired animal prints – like our bright leopard spots or our Cat and Dog print. This super-fast and easy costume is great to show off your favourite Pod-Sox with precious little work and still be comfortable and support your legs.

Extra points if you can speak in an Aussie accent about beautiful crocodiles.

Soxy Nurse

easy nurse costume happy legs

Soxy Black Lace Pod Sox

with happy legs

Items Needed:

  • Scrubs
  • Your Favourite Pair of Pod-Sox, Black Lace, or Tattoo Sox
  • “Doctor’s” stethoscope
  • Deck of cards

Instructions: roll out of bed and get dressed like you do for every shift.  Roll up your pant legs to show off your Soxy gams that are kept sleek and happy with Pod-Sox.

Remember that nursing may not be a sexy job, but you are a sexy beast for saving your patients’ lives on a daily basis.  For anyone who disagrees, flick playing cards at them until they realize their stupidity and walk away.

Rocket (Wo)Man

Items Needed:

Instructions: Use this tutorial for making the rocket pack.  Roll up your pants and show off your Cosmos sleeves as you go for a space-walk.  Start all sentences with “Houston, we have a problem…”

Night at the MOMA

Blue Blocker Athletic PODsox compression socks

Pod Sox Provides Cubist Modern Art

Items Needed:

  • Any solid coloured, striped, or geometric patterned shirt
  • The paint splattered pants you used to paint the bathroom
  • Block athletic style Pod-Sox or Starry Night Pod-Sox

Instructions: combine clothing articles above.  When people question your costume, name drop artists like Pollock, Picasso, Braque, Gris, and Van Gogh (and if you want to really be shnazzy pronounce it Van Goff).  If they challenge you too much, just reference this article about Eddie Redmayne’s 30,000 word thesis on a solid blue canvas.  If that is art, then whatever you throw together is also art. Also, enjoy having one of the most comfortable costumes at whatever party you attend.

Dilaudid Fairy

Items Needed:

  • Fairy Wings
  • Body Glitter
  • Med Sox
  • Giant inflatable syringe (optional)

Instructions: apply body glitter liberally to face, hair, and arms.  If your fairy wings are not already glittery, apply body glitter to wings as well.  Roll up your pant legs to show off your Med Sox.  Offer your to give your ‘patients’ a dose of medicine with your giant syringe q15m IM in the buttox until pain is at a 0.*

*ridiculous legal disclaimer: not recommended to offer real patients any meds other than as ordered.


The best thing about each of these costumes is that regardless of your activities, you are taking great care of your legs.  Compression socks provide comfort, support, and keep you energetic throughout your day.  There you have it – six easy costumes for nurses who want happy legs.  What other great ideas do you have for costumes that use your Pod-Sox?