PODsox wants to be the BEST at customer service. Making and following up on this claim are two different things.  We want to stand this claim.  So how does PODsox stand up to the claim of providing over-the-top customer service? We believe strongly that action speak louder than words and even though many interactions with our customers are not face-to-face the actions that we performed behind the scenes.  Whether it is filling the order follow up with phone calls emails or text messages the response that we give in the way that we give it helps status apart from our competition.  Want to see what our customers are saying about us? Check out our google reviews here http://goo.gl/3GwUaF

 We would err on the claim that we are Denver’s best compression socks we started to do that every day from the moment we wake up to the moment that we go to sleep. As a company founded by healthcare professionals a nurse and physical therapist we have a strong background of taking care people often at their most vulnerable times. This passion for others flows through our lives and is a Cornerstone of PODsox. We want everybody to love our  compression socks as much as we do!! Check out our style devoted to peace, love and hippies…https://podsox.com/product/hippy-chic/

We with the treat this as they are not for everybody and they are going to be a few people out there do not like the way they fit feel with a fun fungi styles that they come in and that is okay different strokes for different folks. But Denver’s best compression socks have it will make it right guarantee if you order socks and they do not fit unit like come or for whatever reason he want return to exchange just let us know we will strive to make it right no matter what the situation is we will use a low beer socks so much that you will tell all your friends because we know if you do not love her socks very much he will still tolerate her friends and that is that the counter repetition we want her in here at PODsox. Another way that we strive to give over-the-top customer service is that we send a personal think you have a delayed to every single customer her orders on line. That means if you had over to our web site right now PODsox.com and order any number of our awesome styles available in the next 24 hr year going to receive a personalized video from 1 of our smiling staff tongue is thank you for your we do this for 2 reasons 1 where an on-line business and we do not get the opportunity to meet face-to-face and 2 because we needed we really appreciate her business at work for customers we would not be in business we strive to serve you and continue to earn are reputation as Denver his best compression socks. We also offer free shipping on all of our items. Appreciating may be the standard these days but often there is a minimal more in place she after order 50 dollars are 75 dollars or something along those lines but here at PODsox there is no mental Mor you 1 order 1 pair of socks are 100 Socks this shifting is still free to that some of the way that we are trying to run the claim of Denver’s best compression socks if he had to pay for shaping he would be very happy and that would we so we will make sure that we go the extra mi and provide over-the-top customer care and make sure that we have speedy shipping at no cost you. Even though we do not have a broken were started from where we can meet face-to-face we do have some Bender is a carrier products at least try to support them as well. Our guarantee to our hole Sellers is that any socks that you do not sell we will buy back no lost to you by Christmas sock come January have a few leftover will take him back at no Reece stocking feet and what we do with the socks that we take back with those account of things ago into our Ms. Treatment and so you can head over to our web site and check-out Denver’s at best compression socks and the ministry socks on our site we can get 2 for 1 deals on all kinds of awesome socks. A 1 of our most may Zing opportunities is that we have partner with children’s Hospital Colorado. We donate 1% of every sale or 10% of her profit whichever is greater to this awesome charity every year. That means when you order pair of Denver’s the best compression socks but only to get a great pair of socks but she get the warmth has the feeling inside knowing that you helped donate to interim Maze in chair knee. But do not. There if urine our web page he could schooled the bottom and directly donate to this awesome charity as Children’s Hospital Colorado helps but only the kids in need inside her home state but many kids around the country. This is another way that we here at PODsox are driven to give over-the-top customer service we do not want to just help those sutures individually come to our page and purchase are socks will help those in our community and large every day herniorrhaphy taken as Denver’s best compression socks. And inferior locking enough to medius in person at a convention conference for some event we hope that you come away smiling either from her interactions with us or just seeing our awesome styles hanging on the wall behind this there is not enough smiles in this world and part of giving over-the-top customer service is making sure that even if you go by our socks that he leave with a smile to check this out style for mild wild medical grade compression socks with over-the-top customer service would load the opportunity to serve you and continue to earn are reputation is Denver his best compression socks but does just take our work for at checkout the 100s of Google reviews and C for self whenever but he is saying about PODsox