What is the most trusted profession American you might ask? Its nursing, do not take my word for check out the 2019 gallop pole. And as a nurse I have to tell you I often get asked with the best socks are for nurses to wear. I may send a little biased as I am a nurse and I and found her and owner of PODsox but I believe that Colorado his best compression sock company PODsox are quite possibly the best socks that not just nurses but anybody could wear. Ben A do not take my word for just because I happened to be a member of the most trusted profession America as do my mother my father my sister and may members of my family check out the Google review would pains were there are 0s of happy customers with lots of awesome things to say about Colorado is best compression socks, PODsox. Anna writes that this was her 1st experiencing using compression socks throughout the day and it was amazing by legs were not tired and they felt energized all day I got minor conference in the staff for also amazing not push she just willing to help very nodule knowledgeable and this product is amazing. That 2nd feedback we lived here for Mark customers here at PODsox. As we strive to be the best compression socks that he can find in the state of Colorado or anywhere crossed in a shin or globe we enjoyed hearing feedback from those individuals. Another happy customer who also happens to be a nurse is area on it this is absolutely the best compression socks are easy to get on and off provide the relief my tire legs and feet need as a nurse and they are the best designs I cannot recommend these enough I load that the owner guarantees this product and replace it if you’re satisfied. C and a nose the making cast was happy is not just an important part being a nurse and is important part of our philosophy here a Potts ox. If we want to be considered Colorado is best compression socks we have to make sure that we treat are customers right. Victoria said these are the best socks my daughter also a nurse and I wear them at work I also wear that whenever I fly and use them after right knee replacement no swelling no complications and they are pretty. Off think secured we think her pretty 2 and we could be happier that you had her daughter who are both nurses love are products. Do not take my word for there are more happy customers to relieving is awesome good were views reinforcing our claim that we are Colorado is best compression socks. She will be left as a 5 struggle review stating padded socks at the next level acute and comfortable working in industry where mom my feet for 12+ hours a day the socks prevent leg pain and do not dig into my skin and muscle exercise junky so the cast leaves our muscle and running practicing yoga or doing my favorite high intensity workouts do herself a favor and get these socks. We could degree was showing more and again we may be a little by us but we felt like Potts ox can provide the perfect level of compression comfort for those long days on her feet with you happen to be a nurse a bartender a teacher her to somebody who was exercising and enjoying life Colorado is best compression socks. PODsox has something for you. Another 5 star review from list this is as an ICU nurse I am very aware of the benefits of compression socks I put them on my patients all the time unfortunately I did know his care from myself in the same way and after 15+ years of working on the floor having babies and living my life with a clean painful varicose veins that required surgery and knew I needed compression socks but with so many on the market I was left a little overwhelmed will take a break right there are any feeling overwhelmed leg well as a if you are head over the PA’s socks not, we can help. Alyssa continues I tendon nerve and comfort in 2018 and met the amazing staff a Potts ox has only at purchase 1 pair as the trial I wore the next day and over 10 hr of the convention and then that night at the event I was draining of the day of knowing I had achy feet swelling legs by the time I went to bed I was wrong I have 1 Potts ox all day my legs are not swollen were not painful and it quickly fell asleep without pain I quickly became a believer and returned to the event of purchase more of now the lb over of multiple that is 8 pairs and all of the plane design for fresh look with a long skirt and I love level of the fundus signs to wear an MRI scrubs and work days in jeans on Mondays eye wear them every day more importantly the fund of eye is the fact that they do not roll down they do not cut off her circulation there easy to put on date do not snag thank you for making this product that works that is fine and can be worn daily to promote circulation now if that does not say awesome I do not know what does again does take my word for it go over to pot socks Goodwill reviews and check amount see why we are already as best compression socks not just for nurses but for anybody. He needs inferior self and roll over to PODsox.com and checked all the also Styles that we have even check our socket a month but it is a great way to get great deal and help out those in knee.