A question we often get asked her at PODsox, Colorado’s best compression socks, is how long should I wear my compression socks for. That’s a great question and not to sound like a cop out but the answer is it depends. This claim for any time you are talking about medical advise consulted her primary care provider is always recommended. We did call on his best compression socks strive to provide level of compression that meets most requirements for most people meeting that PODsox is safer all day wear. For when wearing compression garments for an extended period of time many factors must be considered with deciding how long is too long. Colorado’s is best compression socks, PODsox come in his stander compression of 20 mm of mercury at the ankle and 15 mill as mercury at the calf. This is the same level of compression that he will find in postsurgical stockings sometimes referred to as Ted stockings. This level has been proven to be safe for both active and not active people. Meaning whether your leg around all day hand on the couch traveling in an airplane or out running a marathon this level of compression is proven to be safe for the majority of people. So wearing her socks for extended period of time when there sized appropriately and meet this level of compression no harm should be done. As always PODsox should not be worn if you have venous insufficiency or other vascular issues without 1st consulting her medical provider. Some levels of compression may not be safe for certain activities. And Colorado is a best compression socks, podsox do not recommend wearing higher levels of compression in the 25th toe 30 mm of mercury for 30-40 mm of mercury level of compression for any sedentary activities such as traveling on a plane or lying around on the couch all day walking a great movie. It is our understanding these levels compressions can be safe for those people him meet certain requirement such as having sufficient vascular tone and flow and are not motionless for long periods of time. For example if you are marathon runner a higher level of compression the help you get the most out of those long distance runs. However if you take those same high compression socks and wear them for an extended period of time traveling from LA to New York they may actually cause use some vascular discomfort and this is not recommended by PODsox. In my experience is a nurse working in the post surgical area compression garments were donned by nearly all of our patients. This was to help reduce the risk of postsurgical blood clot complications which can be quite serious at times resulting in serious injury and/or death. These individuals in the postsurgical area were fitted with the typical hospital stocking or Ted hose. These are the same range of compression as PODsox Colorado’s best compression socks. Most individuals following surgery are not very mobile especially if they have a lower extremity surgery such as a knee replacement. These individuals will ambulate with physical therapy and to get up to move from place to place in the house but they are not going to be walking around the block several times a day. This is well-known which is why the level of compression at their prescribed is safe for them to well for the majority of the day. During discharge teaching for these patients they were instructed that they could take her socks off to rest her legs to wash but that decompression shock should be worn 22/24 hours a day. Colorado is best compression socks, podsox are meant to fall into this same range of medical device and had been independently tested to do so. We meet the largest part of the bell curve the most benefit with the most compliance for the most people. This has been proven in many gentle articles over the years and are customers could degree more. We have had many reports of fellow nurses bartender is teachers individuals her on their feet for long periods of time 12-15 hours a day reporting that they where there is socks all day and at the end of the day they can’t believe how much improved her legs feel over the days when they do not wear there PODsox. Getting back to the question of how long can you wear compression socks. In view of PODsox Colorado is best compression socks you can wear them at any time anywhere for any duration that you feel necessary. With this is traveling on a plane around the globe and a long car ride all day on her feet are just can’t get around the house the original potted socks are designed to provide support and comfort for hours at a time. We do however recommend that he washed him from time to time in doing so when they are still attached her legs can be kind of tricky. If you think that I am an athletic person at this level of compression cannot benefit me you would be wrong with friend. A stronger level of compression does not necessarily correlate with more or better benefit. On socks does offer a product that contains a higher level of compression. Collin is best compression socks offers calf sleeves these are a 30-20 mm of mercury compression and are not recommended for sedentary activities such as sitting on a plane. However if you are going to be on her feet working in a nursing unit behind a bar traveling or exercising they do work and feel great. This product is designed for those activities and would not be recommended for those individuals who are bed ridden or going to be sedentary or stuck in an aircraft for a long period of time or movement would be difficult. Insuring that she have the right level of compression for your activity can be challenging if you have any questions you should find us at PODsox docked down and see what Colorado his best compression socks has just switch you need to make sure your legs feel and look great