Five reasons for nurses to wear compression socks

No swelling, pain, or fatigue after flying 12 hours and walking 8 miles!

We all have our own motivations for our actions.  But if you need a few more, we can loan you a few. Here are five reasons for nurses to wear compression socks.

Five Reasons for Nurses to Wear Pod-Sox Compression Socks

1. Prevent leg fatigue and swelling

According this article by CNS Marie Todd, compression is fantastic for reducing leg fatigue and swelling.  Providing the external support to our legs when we stand or sit for extended periods of time can be just the thing that our bodies need to keep us going at full speed. As a bonus benefit, reducing fatigue and swelling also helps reduce achiness.  Now when you get to the end of your shift you only have the tiredness that comes from being a super-hero for 12 hours, not the additional exhaustion of your body begging for mercy.  Use Pod-Sox to support your inner Super Hero!

2. Prevent varicose veins

The article referenced above goes on to say that wearing compression can help prevent varicose veins as well as worsening venous insufficiency.  If left untreated, chronic venous insufficiency can turn into venous ulcers which often take 4-6 months to heal.  Compression helps maintain your elegant Soxy legs and can save you from ulceration, hyperpigmentation, and wet weepy legs.

3. Recovery after working out

When you watch professional sports or the Olympics nowadays, nearly every athlete is wearing some form of compression.  They use compression to give them a competitive edge as well as decrease recovery time after particularly gnarly work-outs. Prevent that lactic acid build-up and get to your next workout faster than ever!

4. Fun Style Options

This is a three for one reason because we have three great styles! First, we have our Classic line; these Sox are a little bit lighter weight and come in a plethora of fun styles.  Our classics provide medical grade 15-20 mmHg compression that we have all come to depend on.  Tune in regularly or subscribe to our Sock of the Month club to be the first to find out about great new styles.

Second, we have our Athletic line.  These Sox are a little bit heavier weight and are a true ‘sock’.  However, they still provide the same 15-20 mmHg medical grade compression we love.  With an added benefit, they also include anti-microbial silver to decrease stinky feet.

Third, we have our Calf Sleeves.  These are an excellent choice if you prefer to wear a different type of sock but still crave the support that compression provides.  Our sleeves are slightly higher medical grade compression at 20-30 mmHg.  Whether you want to wear them for your athletic endeavours or with your flip-flops, these are always a fantastic choice.

5. Support Small Family Business

We are a small family owned business based in Colorado.  Our values of excellence and commitment to amazing customer service guarantee you an exceptional product that will keep you coming back.  Plus, you are investing in our kids’ college fund and our community as we donate 1% of every sale to Children’s Hospital Colorado.


Five Reasons for Nurses to NOT to Wear Pod-Sox Compression Socks

1. You are trying to avoid marrying prince who doesn’t recognize your face

Last night you met a rather attractive prince who was all into you.  You talked for hours and had so much in common you were hoping that this could be your Prince Charming.  Until he asked for your name the third time and kept calling you Amanda.  Now he is searching the whole kingdom for you based on your shoe size (can we say foot fetish?).  Because somehow, he can remember your shoe size – but not your face or your name.  You don’t need that kind of crazy in your life! So go ahead and let your feet swell so you don’t fit those crazy heels you were wearing that night.  No compression Pod Sox for you – you must escape!

2. You want varicose veins to cover up bad tattoos

Oh! the days of dared and drunken choices.  Oh! the days of misspelled tattoos in obvious places.  Woe for you who have tattoos of unrecognizable but famous people.  May we recommend a few giant varicose veins on your legs to break up the terrible tattoos.  Then, people will feel sorry for your achy legs and offer you a place to sit.  And maybe with the distortion of the varicose veins, they won’t realize how bad your tattoos really are.  They’ll just think the distortion is due to the varicose veins.  So, if you can’t afford laser tattoo removal, aim for the varicose veins to break up those bad choices.  No compression socks that will hide your terrible tattoos – show off those painful veins.  Go for the pity!

3. You support Bezo’s Bid for World Domination – GO AMAZON!

We know there are other compression socks available.  You can even order them through Amazon and have them delivered in a matter of hours.  And because you believe in one world government with Big Sister (Hi Alexa!) listening to all of your conversations, making all of your purchases through Amazon is the best choice for you.  Supporting enormous soul-less corporations who take advantage of the little man and squash all competition are your passion.  Who needs personalized customer service? Why spend your hard-earned dollars supporting American small business? Aim big! Put everyone out of business so we can all join the bid for Bezo to be CEO of Earth.

4. You are Captain America in disguise and are actively trying to wear out your body so you can die with Agent Carter

That super soldier serum is serious stuff! Your body just won’t break down like it normally does! You have served your country honourably and with distinction.  Now it is time for you to retire and have a bit of ‘me time.’  And because you are so in love with Agent Carter, you desperately want to grow old with her.  Unfortunately, you heal and recover too quickly! Well there is one thing you can do – keep running in terrible shoes and avoid supporting your vascular system.  That will show your body! Walk, run, and stand for hours! Eat massive quantities of salt to retain water! Do insane workouts to build up lactic acid! No fantastic Pod Sox support for your legs!

5. You are a nudist and don’t believe in wearing clothes

And as Dobby gained his freedom from a single sock as clothing, you cannot be restricted with such items.  Let it all hang out!