Chances are if you haven’t had a surgery yet in your life and you’re lucky to reach the age of 30 you will have some type of surgery in the next 5 years. PODsox are great thing to bring to that surgery and recovery no matter what type of surgery it is. Colorado’s best compression socks are designed to meet the same standard as postsurgical antiembolism stockings often referred to as Ted hose. The type of surgery may have does not really matter whether it is Lasix eye surgery and appendicitis having her tonsils removed or having her ACL repaired any time you going to the knife urine increased risk for developing a blood clot. Colorado’s best compression socks, PODsox her designed to help reduce that risk by improving ones venous blood flow. Immobility during surgery combined with some of the anesthesia agents used can slow this circulation process leading to stag Nation of the blood in the venous vessels of the system. This stagnated blood when mobilized again can create micro classes micro clots move through the venous system and can end up creating blockages inside the heart lungs are brain resulting in a heart attack pulmonary embolism stroke or even death. Wearing compression socks is HEP and easy way to help reduce this risk. Anna for going to wear compression sock she buys will make them PODsox, Colorado’s best compression socks. Often when here in the hospital or surgery Center Biomet you will see compression socks, and 1 flavor plain white rather morning and sometimes material that there are comprised of his not that softer comfortable. PODsox strides to fix these complaints by making fun fungi fashionable designs and using material that is not only compressive in nature but soft to the touch non irritating and makes her legs look and feel great. Colorado’s best compression socks on not only perfect for the patient in the operating room that there great for Staph as well. With the year the surgeon performing the surgery the scrub nurse the tack or the circulator chances are fair in operating room. Be on her feet for a significant portion of the day week month year 8 year overall career. PODsox our perfect for the staff inside the operating room as well. The near feet for long duration of time and not being very mobile 1 year standing at operating table increases her risk for developing venous issues over time. This can present itself and a multitude ways from varicose veins to an increased risk for deep vein thrombosis or blood clot developing. Blood clots are not something that he should strive for as these can be very serious and even life-threatening if they travel from the lower extremity increased blockage somewhere upstream this blockage could lead to impeding blood flow and ischemia. Ischemia is when the muscle tissue around the block it is not being supplied with oxygenated blood and the tissue itself dyes. This is why preventative measures to help reduce the risk of blood clots is advisable for anybody that has an increased risk. And we have also seen the staff in the operating room for the cauda look like a future attack episode of star wore sterile dressing like the same color scrubs the same reducible habits there is very little weighted differentiate personality some people use shoes as way to do this but they are often cover she covers the inter PODsox. Colorado’s is best compression socks her great way to express your style when her stuck inside in operating room. With colors from while due mild and sizes ranging from extra-small to double XL he should find something with structure fancy over at our Web store Colorado is best compression socks to help make any day in the operating room with her the patient or the provider much more enjoyable. Therein expense low risk easy way to help reduce that risk a risk that can be life-threatening and on addressed. As always he should to consult her medical provider if you have a known history of vascular problems blood clots strokes heart attacks or pulmonary embolisms. But if her an average job like us to Colorado as best compression socks, PODsox can make it perfect complement whenever attire year wearing in the operating room at that be a patient down or surgical scrubs toe forget to make compression socks part of your Daly were drilled. Compression socks I used this environment because the medical community knows that they work. The like all things that her bulk purchased by some accountant far back room the ones that are often used in this environment are cheap and devoid of any style. And she is in this certainly bad but they are designed to last for approximately 2-3 weeks after her surgical procedure and they are very consolable resource. Colorado is best compression socks PODsox are designed to last much longer than this. They have been independently tested for 100 Walsh and wear cycles. That means that you wash cold the machine wear them after line dried and do this over 100 times. During that duration they did not lose compression to compressive nature stayed the same throughout this whole period and that is pretty significant considering how much impact that is on the socks. It might be more challenging to keep track of the socks for 100 washer are cycles that make it through with her compression still intact. So we say that if you wear socks once a week that gives you about 2 years of wear before her socks are going to start to lose the compressive nature. While we would love your podsox to last forever that just as in her reality we will continue to strive to make improvements to the quality of the pot sock to the meantime call out as best compression socks are vast improvement over the daily operating Room stocks that he will see stuck on patients and 1 by nurses and scrub techs but do not take our work for checkout are Google reviews and C for herself while PODsox is consider Colorado’s his best compression socks