Compression socks or stockings or compression stockings or hose what exactly are these items and held long of the bone around where they come from? It seems like compression garments are all the rate she stays look in any running magazine sports illustrated NFL player basketball player unit they are all wearing or hiking some type of compression garment whether they be socks or arm braces or compression shorts compression is definitely in.

If we look back in history we find evidence of compression garments all the way back in the 5000 BC area. Articular trickle explanations have discovered that will and living compression bandages were used to prevent blood from pulling and legs. Heart are and sisters know the benefit of this form of compression therapy who is to say? Most likely was trial and error even though our and sisters were not stuck at office desk or on a plane whether legs were and able to move and thus susceptible to swelling and pulling of the blood I am sure other instances when RN sisters notice that when a raptor legs with clot and let in that the swelling was decreased. Moving to the middle age is in this practice continued all the way up to 1628 when a Mr. William Harvey discovered that there was a length between venous stay fit stasis or the stationary blood flow in the veins and the external pressure. After this discovery all manner of compression garments were applied leg stockings bandages resin leather on into the 19 sentry. In the 19 sensory material such as cell cotton nylon polyester and the like were developed and lead to more improved and better compression garments these Compression Socks Denver were prescribed by physician’s for those patients who had edema of the lower extremities. The thought was that this edema would be compressed back into the venous blood system and therefore absorbed and circulated by the body.

One of the most common person’s to experience swelling of the lower extremity are pregnant women. As the fetus is growing inside the mother this presents a significant attacks on her cardiovascular system the blood flow and oxygen flow the supportive just the mother now has to support her and her ever going be this can result in cases of extreme swelling and lower extremities. Am sure we have all seen friends or family who have had this happen to them. Minnie OB gyn physicians during this time recommend that the patient has wear compression garments with AB knee-high socks or full waist pain Yost. Depending on the patient’s condition and the level of the swelling some physicians will prescribe compression socks for the entire duration of the pregnancy. The good thing is for most pregnant women once therapy be is born the swelling subsides and they go back to a more normal level of swelling in her lower extremities.

It is most likely the pregnant person who was 1st prescribed compression garments not only in the recent 19 sent treatment dating all the way back to BC. Besides pregnancy other medical conditions including kidney failure or impairment as well as heart and lung issues can cause swelling in the lower extremities. These medical conditions have been known for Century he has him prior to the advances in pharmacology that we had have today compression garments would be a 1st line treatment for those patients experience lower extremity edema. Even today with our advances in pharmacology technology the compression garment compression sock or compression stocking as a means of symptomatic treatment for lower extremity swelling remains forefront. We will seen are left 1 come out of surgery in the hospital wearing those lovely White Sox with a hold the toe. These White Sox our compression garments designed to help reduce the risk of a blood clot in the immediate time after procedure. While simply at a higher risk when they have just had a surgical procedure? For several reasons the anesthesia that people receive for most surgeries can increase the risk for blood clots. The fact that surgery itself decreases ones mobility thus increasing the risk for a blood clot. And if he have a lower extremity surgery like a knee or ankle or hip the surgery itself will significantly limit the motion in that leg. This limited motion will increase the risk for blood clots. Often patients immediately after surgery are not candidates for blood thinning medications such as aspirin or warfarin. In these instances compression garments such as Compression Socks Denver or compression stockings make a lot of sense.
In conclusion compression garments have been around for Century is. Materials may have advanced as a human race that over time but the concept remains the same help move stationary fluids back up to the core by wrapping the lower legs with compressive materials. Whether they be the latest in greatest nylon and spanned X compression socks or animal hide the visit teen. Compression garments are here to stay