Are you looking for the best compression socks Denver has to offer? Youíve found them! PODsox are fun, functional compression socks and stockings. As we here at PODsox like to sayówe put the Fun into Functional! We believe that wearing compression socks daily to keep your legs feeling great should not mean that you are doomed to a life of black and whiteÖor worse yet your grandmaís ìnudeî color. (ummmÖnobodyís legs are really that colorÖ.just sayingÖalthough if thatís your jam, PODsox DOES offer plain tan compression socksÖagainst our better judgementÖ.just because our customers beggedÖ.) We get asked on a semi-regular basis about how PODsox came into being. The short story is that we love socksÖcompression socks to be exact. But hereís the long version. PODsox founder Stephanie (hereafter referred to as ìmeÖI or other forms of the first person) is a physical therapist. My patients wear compression socks after surgery. At LEAST once a day I heard ìI hate these stupid white compression socks!î As someone who firmly believes in fun in large doses, I finally googled ìfun post-surgical compression socksî. Iím pretty sure ìThe Googleî rolled its electronic eyes at me. I tried a few more variations on the theme. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Black, white, tan and a few suuuuper exciting navy blue compression socks came up. Being someone who likes to fix thingsÖand make people happy, I was on a quest!

I was looking for something that captured the function of our productói.e., to be fun but also effective enough for post-operative wear. We tossed around quite a few different names, but quite honestly, we were initially focused on the post operative aspect of compression. One of the ideas that kept rolling around was ëPost Operative Design Socksí. Ummm, that rolls off of the tongue about as easily as a ton of bricks. So, we kept tinkering with it. We asked our friends and customers. And finally in one late night planning session, we realized that our ìPost Operative Design Socksî could be turned into the acronym PODsox!

I will say that, like any company, we had a lot more ideas than experience with anything related to manufacturing. Ask us about bodily functions and we have you covered (Iím a PT, my husband is an RN), but manufacturing was an entirely new animal altogether. I literally called people all over the globe trying to get information on how to manufacture compression socks and stockings that could be customizable and still be effective enough to prevent blood clots. Not only did we have to get the base product made, we also had to make sure it was FDA compliant AND that they would work with a small start up like ours.

It was about 2 years from my first google search to our first pair of PODsox hitting the shelves. We finally found a medical supply company willing to work with us. We went through multiple evolutions with the color transfer process. And I will admitóour first few attempts were not that great. ( My apologies if you were one of those first customers. We are SO thankful to you for your feedback and loyalty!) We started with an entire different process in the beginning. If youíre wondering permanent markers donít work. We used too low of temperatures, the wrong kind of ink, or not enough pressure and the colors faded, (in one version the colors actually peeled off!) or the process that was used involved too high of heat and burned the socks. I remember bursting into tears as I picked up one batch of socks that literally crumbled in my hands. Like most small business owners we had ups and downs (we still doÖ.sometimes multiple times a dayÖwe also currently have a 2 year oldÖ.any correlation? Probably notÖ). We finally started working with the amazing professionals at Hookfish Branding in Denver who were willing to continue this problem solving process with us and get it dialed in. We are very proud to present the high quality compression with vivid graphics that PODsox has become.

I got pregnant with our first child around the time we were laying the groundwork for PODsox and our product went from ìits for my patientsî to ìI wear these every dayî. I could not believe the difference that wearing compression socks made to my tired, swollen, achy legs.

My husband was an RN at a surgery center at the time. He wore them to work daily. (primarily the pink onesÖwith shorts!) All of his coworkers started asking about our compression socks. Being Nurses, they already understand the benefits of wearing compression socks during a 12 hour shift of being on their feet. For many of them, though, until trying PODsox, had never put that understanding into action and worn them every day. So, little by little, foot by foot (Iíd say inch by inch, but weíre talking about sox hereÖ) PODsox came into being.

We continue to strive for excellence in our compression socks. We have expanded from our original anti embolism line into compression sleeves and athletic sox. Our athletic sox continue to evolve as well in a quest to provide excellence, support andÖ.FUN!

So, that is our story in a nutshell. In the meantime, weíve had 2 kids, gone mountain biking and are building a life, right along with our customers. We are proud to present PODsox as one of the most comfortable pairs of socks you will ever wear. Did you know PODSox now uses coffee yarn? If youíve never heard of it, it uses recycled coffee grounds!! (nope, doesnít smell like a latteÖmuch to my disappointment. You can check out the manufacturer at This amazing yarn makes PODsox UV resistant, wicking, super soft, stink resistant AND good for the environment. Slam dunk!

We love the journey and hope you, as our customer (or random reader who happened to find this blog post!) do too!