Denvers Best Compression socks make a difference during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a ëhigh flow, low resistanceí state for your cardiovascular system. During pregnancy, your body produces increased blood volume in order to be able to take nutrients to both your organs as well as to your uterus and subsequently your baby. In order to accommodate for this, your blood vessels have to relax some. This relaxation can allow bulges or varicosities to occur. This is where Denverís best compression socks can help.

Your blood vessels normally have a certain amount of tension to them. On the artery side (the half of the system leading away from your heart), there are muscles in the walls of your blood vessels, working with you hear to pump blood on its way. On the vein side of things, your body relies on the integrity of the walls of the vessels, as well as a series of one way valves and the gentle external pumping of your muscles to bring blood back to your heart. When during pregnancy these passive structures start to relax, Denverís best Compression Socks Denver can help take up some of the slack in the system.

This increase in blood volume actually peaks quite early in your pregnancy. Hormones start their work early on as well. Even though you may not look pregnant externally, your body and hormones definitely know that you are! Your body starts accommodating for getting nutrients to both you and your growing baby even before you have a positive pregnancy test. (Anyone with me on feeling the crazies and having no idea why?!) Part of this hormone process is to make changes to the how much blood is in the system. More blood equals more red blood cells carrying oxygen to your tissues as well as to your baby.

The flip side of this equation is that your structuresóspecifically your veins, which are now under the power of the relaxing hormones of relaxin and estrogenóare not able to function exactly how they always have. Your body is often focused on more important things like growing a life inside of you and does not have the focus to remodel the infrastructure of your blood vessels to keep up with the sharply increased demand put on them. The pressure of this increased blood volume starts to cause stretching in the veinsóusually starting in the lower or ëdependentí regions of the body first. The top areas for varicosities during pregnancy are the calves and the vulva (sorry if you’re squeamish, but its legit!). We donít recommend PODsox for a vulvar varicosity (but yes, there are products for that to), but we CAN help with the calf varicosities.

You know the old adage ëan ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cureí? Wearing Compression Socks Denver pre-emotively in pregnancy can help fight back against the increased pressure from the inside and prevent the pressure from creating a bulge or varicosity. In addition to being at an increased risk for varicosities, its just plain tiring to lift legs that heavy with swelling. At the end of a long day of being pregnantówhether you’re on your feet all day as a teacher or nurse, sitting at a computer or on an airplane, leg swelling is just one more thing on a long list of the things making most pregnant women uncomfortable. Denver’s best compression socks are light enough support to be comfortable, but firm enough to give the support you need. The range of 15-20 mmHg is the clinical ësweet spotí of support for most people. (Of course if your doctor has recommended to wear higher support, you should listen! PODsox new calf sleeves provide 20-30 mmHg support).

Too light of compression and you will not get the improvement in swelling. Too strong of compression and you either wont wear them because they are too uncomfortable or because they are physically too difficult to get on. The Goldilocks level, which is the 15-20 mmHg support provided by Denvers best compression socks versus the higher levels of compression is that they are easier to get on. During pregnancy it becomes progressively harder to get to your toes as your growing belly restricts mobility in that direction. You want something strong enough to do the job, but absolutely no more work than necessary to put on!

Denvers best compression socks are also lightweight (meaning you can wear them by themselves in the summer, or layer on warmth in the winter), wicking, eco friendly (the nylon is made from recycled coffee grounds!) and oh, did we mention FUN? Why settle for the ugly brown or white of yesteryears compression socks when you could be wearing flying pigs?! (you did say you wouldnít have a baby until pigs flew, rightÖ?) So to summarize, PODsox are comfortable, effective and fun. And now you can join the sock of the month club and get a new pair of Denverís Best Compression socks delivered to your door every month of your pregnancy! More pairs equals less often to do laundry. Boom! Solved that question for you.

Compression Socks Denver make GREAT pregnancy gifts (donít wait for the baby shower! She needs them now!). People always want to know that they can do early in your pregnancy to support you. PODsox give you that support! Support your friend and her legs! Sheíll thank you double in 5 years when she doesnít have the varicosities that she could have had from pregnancy because she wore PODsox.

With dozens of great designs to choose from, PODsox has something for everyone. Not pregnant? No plans to be? No worries! You can still benefit from Denverís best compression socks. They will still support you and still feel great. And did we mention you will look fabulous? Maybe youíre going to run one last ultra marathon before pregnancy. Whether thats a Netflix marathon or running across the country, PODsox will support your legs and make them feel great through it all.