Compression socks after surgery

Dear anybody you know has ever had surgery probably seen them wearing those white pain he was looking things on their legs after a surgical procedure. They look is white and sterile as a medical device she could imagine but that also perform a very important function. They help reduce the risk of a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis after a surgical procedure. Danvers best compression socks, PODsox meet this same level of standard set forth by the FDA for a medical grade compression hose rate. However PODsox meet the standard walk combining some style fashion and fun.
What I would hear Dr. Require you to wear those only White Sox after surgical procedure the mask? During his surgery you are immobile he also may receive a general anesthetic these 2 factors significantly increase the risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis or blood clot. And some instances year surgeon may recommend an anticoagulation medication in addition to compression garments. The idea of this treatment is to help reduce the risk of a blood clot post procedure. PODsox, the best compression socks Denver has to offer started as outgrowth of this need for postsurgical compression. Found by nurse and physical therapist they both saw the patient after surgery complaining about the Ali notice of their socks to require to wear for often weeks at a time postprocedure.
This provided a light bulb moment. Why do compression socks have to be white? pODso was born at of this idea to make the best compression socks Denver has to offer only more fun. Or as we like to say but the phone in the function. Or as we also like to say were bringing sock see back.
The purpose of compression stockings as to improve the blood flow from your lower extremity up to her core. Our body has 2 sides to her circulatory system the arterial side as were blood is pump from the heart to the lungs through the arteries out to the rest of the body. This blood is oxygenated from the lungs and provides the necessary oxygen to the tissues. Once the oxygenated blood releases his oxygen to the tissues it returns it to the venous side of our vascular system. Our veins do not have the benefit of the heart or blood pressure pumping them throughout the body. All of the Podsox socks that we offer can help with promoting that venous blood return.

R veins rely on a series of valves are musculature and gravity to help push the blood back up to the cord. This system is compromised during a surgical procedure due to immobility anesthesia and other medications. This compromised can lead to pulling of the blood in the lower extremities. Just like a stagnant River were allergy can grow stagnant blood can grow blood clots. If these blood clots forming in the lower extremity they can break loose traveling to the heart lungs or brain causing a heart attack pulmonary embolism or stroke. These conditions can be life-threatening and this must be taken seriously. Wearing compression stockings such as PODsox the best compression socks Denver has to offer is a non invasive way to help minimize this risk sometimes this is not enough by itself and her physician may prescribe a medication such as aspirin Coumadin and Lovenox or other blood thinners to help reduce the risk. These medications must be scoped prescribed by physician and he should never undertaken anticoagulant regimen without 1st consulting with her medical provider.
However medical grade compression socks such as PODsox, the best compression socks Denver have to offer can help reduce this risk without the added side effects that blood thinners can have. If you have a serious condition you can and should consult with her medical professional before applying the socks. However upon socks are specifically designed with a gradient that is safer most folks during most situations. Metal leaky benefit from wearing these postsurgical procedure he could benefit from wearing them what he travels a desk exercise or just lateral the house. Think of the best compression socks Denver have to offer as giving her legs a gentle had good pushing that blood flow gently from her lower extremity back up to the core recount uptake the oxygen it is needed to replenished your tissues. That only can help improve blood flow but can help reduce lactic acid buildup after exercise.

PODsox are manufactured under FDA 5 10K license. This means that we offer our manufactured to the same standard as those plain Jane boring white hose that you see after surgery. And if you do like plane style so we offer that as well with white black and tan and styles from mild to wild but pot socks also has dozens of styles with more flare for those that would like to have a little more fun and fungal to look at before you strap into year ice machine following her ACL repair.
I do not take my word for it he can’t check out a multitude of medical internal resources and just as care doctor about the benefits of graded compression. Whether year pregnant or recovering from her surgical procedure you can benefit from the best compression socks Denver has to offer, PODsox and currently if he had on over to our web site you can see that we are offering 50% off of their 1st order which is ideally can be beat we also donate 1% of every cell to Colorado children’s Hospital Stay you get a great Paris socks and U benefit children so there is nothing to lose no downside head on over to pot socks dock on today and get herself a pair of the best compression socks Denver has to offer you or graded and her legs will think he was well remember when you need compression socks think pot and socks The bes compreesion socks Denve has to offer!