Compression socks are just for patient’s as a nurse at all too well the benefits of compression socks any time a patient comes in and has surgery in the recovery room compression socks are applied. The reasons they are applied are man;

1. They help normalize the blood flow in the lower extremities

2. They help reduce the risk of the formation of blood clots which can be life-threatening resulting in heart attacks, pulmonary embolism and strokes.

3. They just plane looked fabulous..J/K

The socks ones received in the recovery room are white and are awful which is the reason most people do not wear them once they leave the inpatient setting. However I have seen many many nurse’s note the benefits of compression socks seek really where the mother describes Weiss equally say. Because who wants to be seen wearing plain white boring hose? Not too many people however nurses know the benefit. They know that prolonged periods of standing on her legs leads to increased risk of varicose veins blood clots in leg swelling. And the compression socks can help mitigate this risk.

Enter PODsox as a nurse I saw all to any of my colleagues wearing compression socks denver but complaining that they were not very attractive or very comfortable. We aimed to staining to change the game. As I mentioned before I come from a family of nurses my mother is a nurse by father is a nurse my sister is a nurse by my nurse and prior to starting PODsox very few of this more compression socks. And widely not wear compression socks like I said looks matter somewhat deposits ox to Bob socks combined medical benefit of compression socks made under after the A5 tank a license with some style with symptoms as as our time once as we put the fun in functional.

Now there is definitely a time when more plane socks are more appropriate which is why Potts ox caries white black and tan socks for those occasions job interviews plane rides when wearing some a rainbow in accordance might not be appropriate. But no matter what your style is mild or wild. You can benefit from compression socks you do not believe me just try if urinary is a new work long days 12:14 p.m. Shifts and urinary feet answering call lytes you will Noah time talking about. When you get home but 2 legs up on a coffee table he can just feel the entire days he can stress radiate at the bottom of her foot you compare that to that same 12 or 14 are shift while wearing compression socks denver he will be surprised how much better your legs feel when you get home and problem up on a coffee table not only that the UB surprised how much better her legs look. Varicose veins we will know are not something we strive for do show often are swimming suits. But what can we do to help reduce those unsightly varicose and painful veins. Compression socks are the answer and if you’re going to wear compression socks MIs will try out podsox.

Winnie real lady you an example of what I am talking about. Amanda was a new graduate nurse 24 young for life and excited for her new career. Her pre sector with CR a season nurse of nearly 30 years. Besides learning all the things he normally iron from somebody with that much experience medication pathophysiology where the wound is located Sarah was able to show Amanda something that would benefit her throughout her career. Stair knew that wearing compression socks Natalie major legs feel great but also helped reduce those unsightly varicose veins. Turning Amanda on to her compression socks she started wearing them at the very beginning of her care when she was young. Before she had kids before she had all those miles into her feet from running around the unit as a nurse.

Fast forward a decade later and Amanda is a 1 pre satting the new graduate nurse and passing on the benefits of compression socks. It has this type of word of mouth that has been the only way the benefit of compression socks denver has been known. Until now thanks to the age of the Internet and social media or compression socks are everywhere. No wire our PA’s ox a compression sock of choice? Likely stated before they look great and they worked great. It is no big Sacred appear Dr. Prescribes compression socks after year ACL surgery because he knows the benefit they can provide 1 with shoe want Don this benefit for herself. Compression socks are just socks but there is so much more they are not a blood thinner there are not a medication a prescription a surgery there just socks and their benefit can go far beyond that do not trust me though trying for self.

Or listen to Amanda 10 years of being a nurse miles a miles of running around the unit from 1 to the other answering call lytes filling orders administering medications at the end of those long shifts when she gets home and peels off her socks and props her feet upon the coffee table she is glad that her legs were protected by compression socks. Select mg joint Amanda and Serra and myself and callus of the nurses who have discovered the benefit of wearing compression socks you have to be a nurse to appreciate the benefit that they bring teachers bartender is flight attendance Willie anybody that has legs can benefit from wearing compression socks Storey waiting for given a shot I am willing to bet the legs will be sorry.