Summer in Colorado: time for you to go hiking!

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There are endless miles of trails crisscrossing the Rocky Mountains. There is no better way to experience the majestic outdoor than by foot. Make sure you have Colorado’s best compression socks as an integral part of your hiking attire when you go. Have you asked anyone who has done any significant amount of backpacking hiking what the most important piece of gear they own is? Anyone with experience will tell you that it is their footwear. When you are using your feet as a primary mode of transportation on trails throughout the mountains making sure that you have the right combination of socks and shoes is vital to ensuring that you will enjoy your experience.

Colorado’s best compression socks are appropriate for this activity!

They provide support comfort and graded compression for hikes from near to far. PODsox has several styles of compression socks and calf sleeves that can help fit any number of sock and shoe combinations. Try Colorado’s best compression socks athletic line–we dare you!  The socks combined graded compression with 10% cotton to give a little loft and comfort as well as anti microbial threads to help reduce the risk of foot odor. PODsox are comfortable, functional and will help keep your legs great all day long. What is so great about compression when hiking you ask?  Well, when you hike several things occur.   Lactic acid builds up in her muscle tissues from prolonged athletic activity. This lactic acid leads to those muscle aches and cramps that you feel after you have been on the trail for any significant period of time.

Wearing Colorado’s best compression socks, PODsox helps promote blood returned to the heart alleviating the lactic acid buildup in the muscles.

This allows you to hike longer and stronger and feel great while doing it. Another way that compression socks can help 1 year hiking as they can help reduce the risk of developing a blood clot in her lower extremity. Colorado is best compression socks are medical graded compression mean that there tighter at the ankle and looser at the calf helping promote the return of venous blood to the core. Our vascular system has 2 sides and arterial side and venous side the arterial side has the benefit of the heart pumping blood through blood pressure to push the blood out to the tissues. This arterial blood releases oxygen to the capillaries returns to the venous side. The venous side does not benefit from blood pressure and the only way that it has to get back to the coring get real oxygen aided is through gravity itself.

When you’re out on the trail hiking gravity is clearly working against you.

This is where donning Colorado’s best compression socks, PODsox can help with your hike on the trails.

Gravity works against your veins while you are hiking.  Having the benefit of compression to help push the blood flow back up to the core while hiking can make it feel better and keeping hiking longer. Not only that but check out the entire selection of PODsox at the web site.  You will find some fun, funky styles that you like as well. Colorado’s best compression socks also have a line athletic compression calf sleeves. This is a graded compression sleeve that provides the same compression as the sock.  It is tighter at the ankle and looser at the calf but there is no built in foot bed. This gives you, the user some flexibility and how you would like to wear them.

Perhaps you have a hiking ankle sock that you love to wear but you know you could benefit from some compression.  If you combine this with the calf sleeve, you’ve got the perfect combination! Or maybe you love Keens Chacos or some other sandal that wearing a sock with just would not be fashion forward.  Enter the calf sleeve!  You can still have the benefits of a graded compression and wear your sandal of choice. And who does not think you are totally on cue for wearing socks in sandals together.

PODsox has options for you so check ’em out.

Besides the great care of compression socks, you need to make sure that you have the proper footwear for your activity.  It does not mean you have to have a pair of heavy duty mountaineering boots for a simple hike along a path.  However, having something with a good foot bed arch support and tread on the bottom WILL make your hike more enjoyable. The staff here at Colorado’s best compression socks enjoys hiking in the  mountains.

Some of our favor of footwear has the roots here in Colorado as well. If you are going to be hiking through streams a pair of Chaco sandals is a great choice.  This strappy set of sandals has a great foot bed with good arch support and a Vibram sole ensuring you never lose traction Combining these Chacos with a pair of PODsox calf sleeves is a great way to get to have your cake and eat it too. Looking for something with a little higher ankle support?   Merrill offers a great line of lightweight hiking boots. The fibers they are made out of vary from leather to synthetic.  The price ranges vary from 100 to 100s of dollars depending on the combination of material you choose.  Options abound!

Don’t feel like you have to pick the first thing that you see! Wear them around the store.  It is important especially with your chosen socks (which, as we discussed initially, should be Colorado’s best compression socks– PODsox!)  If you have the time, try to test out your sock and footwear choice prior to hitting the trails.  You may regret  not doing this if you get blisters!  This would severely ruin just about any trip. So make sure you have plenty of planning in line and an extra pair of socks in case they get wet! Do not take our word for it– check out what all of our customers are saying at

Thanks for making us Colorado’s BEST compression socks!  We love our customers!