In case she has not brushed up on her high school anatomy the blood that circulate structure body is caring some pretty important stuff mainly oxygen. This basic element is required by also her life to live and grow and if it does not get where needs to go, serious consequences can arise. Colorado is best compression socks, PODsox are designed to help improve this flow of oxygenated blood to the tissues where it needs to go. The blood the circular it is throughout her body is made up of multiple different types of cells the part of the blood that carries the oxygen is called the hemoglobin. When viewed under microscope this hemoglobin looks caudal like a jelly donut and 3 dimensional in size. This man sinus around this have determined the appropriate level of hemoglobin that should be in her blood to ensure that you have been most oxygen caring potential. If you do have an adequate level of hemoglobin and her blood getting that blood to the right spot is the next most important thing on the list. Colorado is best compression socks, PODsox can help keep this process moving along. Blood that resides in size or vascular system is pump throughout by the heart. Our Heart works 24/7 from birth to death making sure that this cycle continues. It takes blood pressures from the heart to the lungs were year hemoglobin pick up the much needed oxygen Release the knots in the the carbon dioxide and entered back into the arterial side of the vascular system. The heart put uses blood through the arteries out to the tissues in the body. These tissues could be the muscle the liver heart lungs brain or anything in her body that is alive and this requires oxygen. Once the hemoglobin gets were needs to go a releases his oxygen and goes back into the the venous side of our blood system. Unlike the arterial side are veins do not have any blood pressure the heart is not pushing the blood to the veins and simply gravity. Colorado is best compression socks can help fight against this gravity. Potts ox are designed to meet the medical requirements for graded compression me that they are tighter in the ankle and looser at the calf promoting of venous blood flow returned to the cord. Colorado’s best compression socks insure that your blood does not stagnates in the venous side of the system. One blood does not flow smoothly through the system he can’t pull in the lower extremities mainly calf creating a deep vein thrombosis. A deep vein thrombosis or DVT is what a blood clot forms and vein this can be very has inter says that this clot migrates aching cause a blockage in the heart lungs or brain resulting in a heart attack stroke or pulmonary embolism. Wearing PODsox, Colette is best compression socks is a low risk and easy way to help improve this flow and thus reduce the risk of a serious medical condition like a heart attack or stroke. If 1 has healthy muscular tone generally younger and states mostly mobile this system of arterials in veins works rather well. It is when we introduce things like aging weight gain or sedentary lifestyle is that this risk Osco increases. There are times in her life for the control we have over our risk can be very minimal like when traveling on an airplane. Colorado’s best compression socks are perfect match for any flight from an hour to translate ache sitting on a plane increases her risk of developing 1 of these blood clots. He may have her that there is less oxygen to go around it out to and that may not be technically true but when you increase elevation the amount of available oxygen that her body has to use does decrease. This is something called barometric pressure. When you go up in altitude the pressure pushing in all around year body decrease its therefore the cubic foot of oxygen at sea level contains 21% oxygen at L2-10 1000 ft this is decreased. Which is why your body tells you had elevations it is hard to breathe this decrease availability of oxygen means that where lungs taken with closed injury hemoglobin and get circulated throughout her body is not optimized. Wearing medical grade compression socks like PODsox, is a great way to help improve performance at L2. Colorado is best compression socks has had cord in the Rocky mounds have been too many peaks above 14000 ft. This hike is strenuous by itself when combined with the elevation requirements hip was attacks on once cardiovascular system. PODsox can help improve the venous blood flow and therefore improve oxygenation while also improving the removal of waste products such as lactate acid from muscle tissues. Colorado’s best compression socks are perfect complement to that Campbell back water bottle you have when you start hiking in the mountains. Improving the possibilities of which bodies performed skin due to simply wearing compression garments is something that and during athletes all over the globe are getting switched on to. Both in the community have done the benefits for years with understanding of the oxygen caring potential if hemoglobin PODsox, Colorado is best compression socks tries to take advantage of this bridge between the medical grade compression socks and the more fashion forward commercial variance. PODsox are made an FDA for 510 K license facility and meet the same requirements as an anti embolism stocking for postsurgical care. This ensures that the garment that you are purchasing will help promote that venous blood return by being tighter around that ankle and looser at the calf and this gradient pressure change will help mobilize the blood back up to her heart working gain oxygen enter into the arterial go to the tissues released oxygen and go back into the veins and start that system all over again. Colorado’s best compression socks, PODsox our great way to get the most out of your blood making sure that her hemoglobin does not get lazy and continues to pull it is weight.