Denver’s best compression socks, PODsox are a great way to improve venous blood flow and maintain healthy circulation.

However we know that not every person or medical condition is appropriate for compression garment wear. One such condition where we would not recommend the wearing of compression garments is in those persons with atherosclerosis. Whats that you say? Are you telling me not to wear the most comfortable and amazing compression socks I have evey seen? Well as a matter of fact yes we are. PODsox wants to always be considered the Denver’s best compression socks, but we know that compression is not right for everybody. Those with PAD or perferial artery disease are one such group that we would caution agaist compression wear. If you have every been told by your medical provider that you have this disease we highly recommend that you consult with your provider before you start wearing PODsox or an compression garment. We couldn’t call ourselves Denver’s best compression socks if where not honest about who should and shouldn’t consider wearing compression on a regular basis. PAD, or peripheral artery disease is 1 plaque or blood clots impede the flow on the arterial side of our vascular system. Leg coronary artery disease hardening of the arteries around the heart peripheral artery disease Liz months thought to be a problem she is contained elderly man. We discovered over the ages that this is not the case and that peripheral artery disease can be experienced by wedges is equally as min although the presenting symptoms might not be as severe. While wearing compression socks for a vascular problem is highly recommended those with peripheral artery disease she had absolutely consulted physician before they engage in a regular habit of wearing any medical grade compression socks no matter how acute they are. Sue who gets peripheral artery disease and how can be prevented. Like most disease process is having a healthy diet and lifestyle can benefit the individual and help reduce the risk of developing P 80. Before P 80 starts wearing compression socks can be beneficial. Colorado is best compression socks meet the FDA guidelines for medical device and provided great compression nut there tighter at the calf and looser at the ankle.. PODsox our great way to help improve here venous blood flow however if you have full-blown peripheral artery disease this might not be something that you should consider and you should speak with her medical provider before doing any type of continual wearing of compression garments. Peripheral artery disease is not experience by large portion of the population only about 3% of the people under the age of 60 have peripheral artery disease but once advanced aging take place people in their 70s and 80s can have a much higher percentage of risk of developing peripheral artery disease. Other habits that can help contribute to this disease process are smoking Casey having her by now smoking is not good for you and has many negative affect on once health these negative affects extend all the way to the vascular system both on the arterial and venous side and they can h her ear vascular system to the point where he cannot recover. The best time to stop smoking is now in doing so can only have a positive impact on once health. We here at PODsox R family business of medical providers not only Ari Danvers best compression socks we are made up of nurses physical therapist physicians massage therapist and people who just generally care about people we want you to be the best and healthiest you that she can be at eliminating cigarette smoke from one’s life is just a great idea if you have any help to it please reach out to her provider or support group. Another precursor to getting peripheral artery disease are those that have uncontrolled high blood pressure or high lipids. Medical grade compression socks may not be the end Albee all solution for these complications alone but they can provide some medical benefit so discuss with her provider wearing PODsox socks if you are afflicted by either of these conditions. Diabetes is another series disease back and play a role and once development of peripheral artery disease. Again a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risk of diabetes and those with type 2 diabetes should note that this can be a reversible or curable disease weight reduction healthy lifestyle and diet are 1 way to help improve once his blood sugar levels those unfortunate soles with type 1 diabetes do not have those risk but tight blood pressure control and diet and exercise can still help benefit. Denver’s best compression socks, PODsox was found by a nurse and physical therapist as previously stated we both work extensively with diabetic patients throughout our medical careers and it is encouraging to note that many of those who are in the stages of prediabetic can make lifestyle changes to ensure that the need for injectable insulin is were severe damage to organs such as vascular system and kidneys can be avoided. Denver’s best compression socks, PODsox art for everybody in those with the reviewer vascular disease are in the group that we would say holder horses before donning a pair of our stylus compression socks. If he had peripheral vascular disease you can work to help improve the symptoms peripheral vascular disease or PID can be painful and uncomfortable and year provider will often prescribed exercise smoking cessation and some medications such as Plavix or other blood thinners to help reduce the risk of serious complications related to this disease. Once this disease has been identified and treated he may again be a candidate for compression garments but before wearing Denver’s best compression socks we recommend that you speak with your medical provider to ensure that you’re doing once appropriate for her personal health we want to make sure that were not just a compression sock company here on socks but where health wellness company as well.