Warning! you are about to a read a humble brag.

We here at PODsox, Denver’s best compression socks are proud to have partnered with Children’s hospital Colorado. If you buy a pair of PODsox 1% of that sale and every sale is donated to this awesome charity. We wanted to give back from the day we started and as a company founded, owned and run by a Nurse and Physical Therapist we know important access to quality health care is for those vulnerable children and their families. This is why we are humble bragging about this partnership, we hope it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside when you purchase PODsox and also that it inspires you to give back in your own way.

Want to know more about our giveback?  See more information about us here: https://podsox.com/about/

Children’s Hospital Colorado was found in 1897, a tent hospital on those days treating a mix of disease is of the time it has definitely a vault along the way. Similar to the way that the vision for PODsox has vault to the point where we stand solidly on the claim that we are Denver’s best compression socks. A vaulting is something that any organization a person has to do with the widest a relevant and functional world and considering children’s Hospital Colorado has been around for over 100 years they have definitely been able to involve both times. Starting from 50 children being treated by handful of medical staff to multiple campus is spread across Colorado today it is safe to say that this institution has been instrumental and positively effecting million Smillie ends of Children’s and their family. While we do not have nearly the same lineage now reach as Children’s Hospital Colorado does PODsox is still able to reach those around this on a daily basis without thrill social media forms we often hive fun funny content or through to our web site directly where people can purchase PODsox reed reviews in testimony heels from those and find out for themselves why we are Denver;s best compression socks.

Before we started Potts ox 1 of the books that we read that was just a good read and also a great business poke was 1 by of on shin are to call and let my people go surfing. He is found to have several companies most notably pad ago any other clothing company in his book he talks a lot about his business full loss of the L1 of the things that he was a Pioneer and is a 1% Pred supple. Cor 1% of all sales of that company are donated to nonprofit its bed help save our planned. As a clothing company focused on outdoor activities this seems like a logical source for padded going up. That helped inspire us here at PODsox to have the same type of our reaching giving back. As we are healthcare providers and of work for many years taking care of those round this is only natural for us to on a partner with a charity that shares are values for helping those in their most vulnerable time. This is why Denver’s best compression socks sought out a partnership with Colorado children’s Hospital we will make sure that we were financially supporting a charity that Sharon our same values and was also in our same community.

We realize that many of her customers do not live inside the borders of our state that we are excited to have them and count the meds are customers that many of them to an arm plugs to was well as do we and we will to support those inside her community making sure that we do what we can for those in knee. This partner sharp with Children’s Hospital Colorado became much more personal last year when the PA’s socks family unfortunately had become patients at this facility. Our 5-year-old son fell off the monkey bars and fractured his elbow this is a common injury among children and it would require a surgical intervention. Our local hospital was great however there was not a pediatric specific surgeon and we were sent to Children’s Hospital Colorado to have this procedure done. PODsox strides to be a company that focuses on customer service and helping those would come in contact with and as we came into contact with Children’s Hospital Colorado as patients and customers we were very thrilled with professional is some of the staff how kind concurrent is stay were and the excellent job that they did in caring for our son.

Denver’s best compression socks head and neck mesial experience working with this facility in their staff and made us even more proud to have partner with them years before we were in need of their services. It’s these type of unexpected experiences that reinforce our firm commitment to this partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado. Although no one expects or wants to need the services of any hospital the lower Children’s Hospital as comforting know that in the unlikely event she do that there are dedicated professionals there that that can help heal along the way. PODsox our great compression socks no doubt but is even greater than the compression sock some cells as the partnership that we have with Children’s Hospital Colorado. In this small monetary way of giving back to them we help build on her amputation as Denver’s at best compression sock. With 1% of her sales or 10% of her proper it is going to this also in chair doing when you purchase from us your during her part as well to help insure that Denver’s best compression socks is able to help support not only our family in community but the Children’s Hospital Colorado community at large. But she do not have to just buy PODsox to help give back he can go directly to their pain age checkup the link on our web site and donate for yourself he will find out that giving back gives you that nice warm fuzzy feeling inside that can be replaced by anything else.

Want to do some giving back yourself?  Click here to donate to Colorado Childrens Hospital yourself! https://www.childrenscolorado.org/community/donate-volunteer/donate/