Looking for the best compression socks for Diabetes?


Diabetes is a disease that affects over 30 million Americans, and if you factor in those considered pre diabetic it’s over 100 million. That’s a huge percentage of our population and if you are reading this I am sure you or someone you know if affect by this disease. PODsox is not only Denver’s best compression Sock Company we are a family company made up of Nurses, Physical therapists, Physicans and massages therapist. We want everyone to have a happy healthy life and for those living with diabetes and its effects that can be challenging. Although diabetes is a disease that is commonly known and affects means of people they are often this conception the misunderstanding about this disease and how it can be treated and or prevented. Diabetes is a disease that affects the blood glucose level also known as blood sugar insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that helps breakdown that could close from her food so that you’re cells can use it for energy we all need caloric intake to keep our cells functioning and burning and when this is interrupted by diabetes the insulin either produced uptake by her organs is affected. This could result in many different symptoms and the 1st stages of the disease thirst frequent urination weight loss and many cases can but an individual and so what is known as diabetic ketone acidosis or DKA. This is a serious condition that needs to be treated by a medical professional her nephew or anyone you know thinks that they might be suffering from Ahn dosed diagnosed diabetes please consult her provider. Hocking compression socks play a part in treatment of diabetes or mask or get that disc the 2nd a 1st we did take if further deep dive to understanding the symptoms that go along with diabetes and how they can be improved by wearing Colorado’s best compression socks, PODsox. William any side effects of diabetes could be resulting in venous insufficiency a condition where the circulatory system does not have full capacity to lever oxygenated blood to the tissues and returned the oxygen and blood to the core. This is rec compression socks to come into play PODsox, Danvers best compression socks manufactured under FDA 5 10K license and a meet medical requirement providing great compression of 20 mm of mercury at the ankle and 15 at the calf. Although lighter grade and heavy grade compression socks exist we feel like this is a sweet spot where you get the most benefit and the most compliant for the most people. Diabetic so particularly prone to venous insufficiency peripheral edema and deep vein thrombosis or DVT. These are all conditions that can be improved by the wearing of medical grade compression socks or stockings. The symptoms will show up in patients in the form of swelling of the lower extremity and foot. If he developed a DVT symptoms can present as pain in the back of the calf. A DVT is particularly dangerous as if it travels from the lower extremity to the core of the body lodging in a major system such as heart causing heart attack the lungs causing a pulmonary embolus is where the brain causing a stroke it can be life-threatening. Colorado’s best compression socks, PODsox RA low cost economic away to help reduce the symptoms and the risks associated with them. If you’re diabetic before starting a regimen of wearing compression garments recommend that he consult with her medical provider. Most diabetic patients could benefit from wearing diabetic compression socks, PODsox a not specifically designed for diabetic but are more generally designed for those experiencing any venous insufficiency or at an increased risk for varicose veins or blood clots. For those diabetics were wearing compression garments is important to take notice of your foot health including toenail beds and tissue around the toes. Because of the peripheral neuropathy often associated with diabetics maybe not feel a hot spot or blister forming on the foot which could result in a diabetic ulcer. Ulcers her large wounds that can be unsightly and uncomfortable and lead to amputation of toes and feet and should be avoided at all costs. This is why it is important to consult her medical provider before wearing any compression garments even if they are Colorado is a best compression socks. The edema that has suffered by many diabetic patients can definitely be helped by compression garments other ways to help improve this edema is ambulation and exercise and active lifestyle along with a healthy diet is something that could benefit us all in even those were diagnosed as diabetics to have to lose hope as they can benefit from these lifestyle changes. Colorado’s best compression socks, PODsox her made by medical professional Sue understand that each individual is unique in the treatment for each individuals health and wellness she would be unique as well. That is why we designer socks with the knee stops the fit everybody’s taste from mild to wild with E1 a plane white blocker tan to fit a more dressed up occasion or he wants something with some style of flare from pain was too long as the pegs that fly and rainbow unicorn PODsox has styles to suit all kinds of taste. He does have to take my word for we have had 10s of thousands of happy customers and some of those customers been kind enough to leave us great reviews on Google. We have told to people all over the age range from young to not so young and from sizes extra-small to XL some other individuals have had venous insufficiency edema varicose veins blood clots and the few been diabetic as well the reports they have about how great their legs feel after wearing Colorado as best compression socks makes us here at PODsox glow. Again he does have to take my word for discharge data review since he would ever be also saying and make her way over to our web site and pick up a pair for herself you can join our socket a month club for only 1 dollar and see while Colorado is best compression socks are perfect for those with diabetic issues.