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Chances are if you or somebody you love has ever had to have any type of surgical procedure you have seen and experienced some those of ugly white support hose that you have to wear in the hospital. Although technically those are considered compression socks we would never put those in the same category as Colorado his best compression socks, PODsox. Leg most things in the hospital fashion is not the 1st thought when donning those compression stockings however functional than maybe they are not the most fashion for product on the market. We here at PODsox aim to improve this by adding some fun to the functionality of year boring medical grade compression stockings making sure that PODsox rain separating in as Colorado is best compression socks. But wide do the MICU where those up with socks after to have a surgical procedure is adjust that the doctors like to have the patient’s stress in less than fashionable styles. There is a rational medical region for the wearing of compression socks in a postsurgical environment. And although PODsox are much improved fashion over traditional hospital Ted hose or compression stockings they do meet the same class of medical device and provide the same level of graded compression. Meeting the same level of medical grade compression was 1 of our finding principles and something that helps propel us to the status of Colorado as best compression socks. The reason why your physician will have you wear those compression stockings after surgery is that having a surgical procedure put shoe at a significant risk for developing a blood clot. This blood clot generally forms in the lower extremity due to immobility after surgical procedures and the affects of anesthesia during this procedures as well. The risk of his blood clot forming and then migrating from her lower extremity to a life-threatening position inside the heart long or brain is a real 1. There is no easy way to predict who is at a significant risk of developing his blood clot as it can affect all ages in gender. In general does on hormone replacement therapy birth control or with existing vascular issues are at an increased risk for developing a blood clot but the risk still exists for anybody who has a surgical procedure. Colorado is best compression socks, PODsox are designed with this risk in mind. The graded compression meaning that they are tire at the ankle and looser at the calf help promote the penis blood return reducing the risk of venous stasis or blood pooling in the lower extremity. It is his blood pooling neck causes the increased risk for a blood clot formed. PODsox Ames to keep this risk low by providing great compression and reducing the risk of venous stasis. He might ask that is great there is a good reason for having postsurgical antiembolism stockings but widely have to be sewed our oddly? That is a great question and 1 that we tried to answer cells here at PODsox. With the goal of maintaining our claim to Colorado as best compression socks we wanted to rule out a line of compression socks that met the medical sides demand for graded compression and also the consumer disease and for something a little more fashionable and fungi. There may be times when you want a plane white or black sock but often having some style with some color something just plain fun especially for going to be a mobile after surgical procedure is desirable. The reason why they do not do this inside the medical rolled is probably simple it is just cost. That may be a lack of imagination. AP think back to the dawn of our modern medicine White was seen on this with clean white sheets white outfits on doctors in nurse’s the lab Coates they are all fairly devoid of any type of style or color. This translated over to the patient Downs and socks that were passed out. It like all habits this 1 dyes hard. When making compression grade stockings there are more threads options available than just plain white if he had a little create tibia D like we do here at PODsox you can make all around as best compression socks with a nearly innumerable number of designs colors patterns and features. Wanda comes here hospital stay they may give you a plane white pair of anti embolisms stockings and these might do the job of reducing her risk of venous stasis post surgery. However with they will do is able to help her mental health and laying in bed staring down at her feet all day. This is where Colorado as best compression socks really shines. PODsox our great helping reduce her risk of venous stasis and also grade making the smile no matter what style you choose some rainbow is a new no cords flying pegs or 1 of our personal favor it is the Colorado mounds Cape when laying in bed and staring at her legs after any to surgical procedure these fun fungi compression stockings are bound to make it feel better and gave a smile tear face. That only that but the ring smile to those around you in that something that really can be under value. So if you’re a hospital today looking to purchase year a lot of postsurgical compression stockings may be should check out Colorado is best compression socks, PODsox. Providing the same level of graded compression while adding some style and comfort or personal touch with your hospitals low go imprint on them canal leg or great way towards helping market her product it can also make her patients feel a little bit more special and less like a number to time it on and a post surgical ward. Colette is breast compression socks I here to make you look and feel great no matter what situation to find herself in post ACL surgery or post colonoscopy PODsox are here for you.